In 2011, Chris had caught the attention of Nikon for making music video content exclusively on their cameras. Chris started his photographic journey on a Nikon camera, and once Nikon had released video capabilities within their camera system, he took full advantage of the additional features. This one simple feature enabled Chris to choose filmmaking and photography as a full-time career. Nikon had asked Chris to teach at workshops at speak at trade shows about the work that he’s created with their cameras. Over the next several years, Chris would grow within his filmmaking capabilities, establish a business, CHVA- Chris Hershman Visual Art, and turn Nikon into one of his top clients by creating marketing materials for their global advertising campaigns. Chris continues to speak at trade shows demonstrating his work with Nikon cameras and has created long-format training videos hosted on Nikon’s website and most recently, has completed his first documentary web series.

Nikon Ambassadorship

In 2018, Nikon made Chris an ambassador for the brand. This program is made up of a group of only 30+ individuals in the United States. These partners work to develop their discipline and push Nikon’s technology to the limits while passing on their knowledge to help influence, inspire, and educate.

Nikon released their first mirorless camera in August of 2018, the Nikon Z7, and had commissioned CHVA to create a full-length music video to promote their new product. The result was an intensely creative and bold piece that showcases the boundary defying abilities of the Z7.

The Performers Series

The documentary series Chris was commissioned to make on behalf of Nikon featured Nikon Ambassador and photography legend, Joe McNally. Chris traveled across the U.S. with Joe while photographing performers– one of his favorite subjects. It documents the lives and talents of Cirque du Soleil performers, musicians, showgirls, breakdancers, and world-renowned athletes.

CHVA is honored to have a camera manufacturer support Chris’ visuals, considering it was their product that launched him into a filmmaking career. Chris has a passion for teaching and giving back to the community that gave him so much. Continuing to educate others on how they can achieve professional photo and video quality are just a few of the motivations that keep Chris going on this journey.